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Doctor Who: Echoes Of Extinction
RELEASED OUT NOW! 60 minutes | Vinyl/download Publisher Big Finish AUDIO DRAMA After a Covid-related five-month delay, Big Finish finally caps its contribution to Time Lord Victorious with this epilogue featuring two linked tales. Paul McGann’s Eight
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Army Of Darkness
How would you describe Kirigan’s relationship with Alina? It’s interesting, because Kirigan’s the most powerful and the most knowing character in the world. He knows that Alina is something extremely special and that she’s the antithesis to him in a
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On Target
What’s it been like joining a superhero universe? Hawkeye is quite the diversion from Dickinson [in which Steinfeld played the poet Emily Dickinson], so it’s been very fun to jump into a whole new universe. It’s been really exciting just to bring thi