Quick Quilts


finished size: 37" × 37"

One of the first quilts that ever caught my eye was a Trip Around the World done in a traditional Amish color scheme. I loved it right away and so, one of the first quilts I ever made was a Trip Around the World!

Since then, I have designed a Trip Around the World quilt pattern

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Quick Quilts1 min lettiFashion
Quick-Pieced Triangle-Squares
1. Cut two squares 7/8" larger than desired finished size of triangle-square. 2. On wrong side of one square, mark diagonal line from corner to corner.This will be your cutting line. Mark sewing lines ¼" away from each side of cutting line. 3. Pl
Quick Quilts1 min lettiFashion
Making Bands
Strips are frequently sewn together to create a band, which you can cut into smaller segments. 1. To make a band, pair two strips with right sides facing and raw edges aligned. Stitch with ¼" seam. Press flat to set stitches. 2. Fold top strip bac
Quick Quilts2 min letti
As I write this letter, we are beginning to go back on covid restrictions. It is hard, really hard. How are you? I mean how are you really doing? I want you to know that if all you have the energy to do is open this magazine and look at the pictures