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Feeding Time

as my husband and I make the drive down NM 14 from Santa Fe to San Marcos Cafe & Feed Store for breakfast. The muted gray hue of the early-spring sky accentuates the gold tones running through the grass-covered llano and makes the birds of prey that roam it stand out like black blots of ink on a blank page. I expect to find the wayward destination desolate, but—surprise!—the parking lot is nearly full.

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Small enough for her fingers to close over it, the pendant resting on Martha J. Egan’s palm demands a closer look. It bears an image of the Virgin Mary in absolute miniature. “In Copacabana,” she says, referencing the art form’s Brazilian artisans, “
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Trail Master
People didn't "hike" when William Kemsley Jr. was growing up in the 1940s. They walked, and it was just a thing he’d always done, starting with the mile-long trek to his elementary school. Kemsley was working a high-stress job in New York City and re
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Grant Beauprez
On the sweeping plains of eastern New Mexico, self-described wildlife and bird nut Grant Beauprez is the resident expert on the charismatic lesser prairie chicken and other grassland species. He began studying the greater prairie chicken—a once thriv