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I’m about to submit my novel to agents. I’m not sure how to categorise it, whether it’s literary or commercial or somewhere in-between. Could you tell me the difference?

This is a time-old question, and one that invites a great deal of debate within the writing community. Character-led vs plot-led; books with merit, books without; serious vs light; unsaleable vs

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Behind The Tape
Q If someone is found murdered, would the funeral be allowed before the trial? Richard Graham, by email A The police should be in contact with the suspect’s defence team to agree on whether the body can be released. The defence team may wish to have
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A Good Fit
For many writers it’s all too easy to get settled in one genre, either because your subject matter matches your interests, or you feel you might not succeed in a genre you never tried before. Both good points. It’s tough enough to get started without
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Time for Change
As I write this it would appear that Joe Biden has won the US presidential election. But at the same time Donald Trump and his corrupt cronies are gearing up to dispute the count and claim victory. That’s two terrifyingly divergent worlds we are head