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here’s a good chance you’ve come across people labelled as ‘having an attitude problem’. You may even have been described as that person yourself. Irritated by the slightest thing, like the toothpaste tube being squeezed from its mid-section rather than the bottom? Your teenager putting the empty cereal packet back in the cupboard? Or your neighbour hosting a rowdy barbeque, just when you’ve set your outdoor office up on your patio to write an article and you’ve

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The Farnham Flash Fiction competition is open to submissions of stories of less than 500 words. First prize is £75 with a runners-up prize of £25 and £25 for a Best Flash Fiction featuring Farnham. The entry fee is £5 per entry and the closing date i
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ACE-funded independent publisher Cipher Press, who were interviewed in WM (April 2020) has a #NewQueerVoices window for book-length submissions from trans and gender non-conforming writers, queer writers of colour and queer working class writers up t
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A Writer’s Worksheet
For those new to the writing game (welcome!), it’s worth pointing out that, no matter what you might have been told, writing is not a closed shop. Nor is it one of the dark arts carried out at dead of night over a rotting sheep’s carcass overseen by