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Virgin Islands Early Issues

n his second east-west crossing of the Atlantic in 1493 Christopher Columbus, driven from his planned route by adverse winds, sighted an archipelago on the eastern fringes of the Caribbean Sea. According to the explorer’s impressions from the deck of his ship, he saw eleven small islets hemmed around a larger central island. The scene reminded Columbus of a Spanish legend that tells of Saint Ursula, reputedly priestess over eleven thousand virginal handmaidens who tended to her needs. The recollection caused the explorer to name the group: Santa Úrsula y las Once Mil Vírgenes, soon shortened by English speakers to Saint Ursula And The Virgins, and later still to the Virgin Islands. Columbus did not land

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An African oddity
The scramble for Africa in the late 19th century saw many countries become distant pockets of the British Empire, and the region and period provide much interest to philatelists, as many pioneering colonial postal services were introduced across the
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Searching For Perfection
Every year, philatelic shows organise popular votes to identify the best stamps in specific categories and the winners of such competitions make a great starting point for a ‘perfect’ stamp thematic. The International NexoFil Awards is one such event
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Overseas Rates Change – Part 2
Last month Stuart Leigh looked at the Post & Go stamps issued from kiosks located in Post Offices following the Overseas Rate changes on 1 September, at the same time the kiosks located in various museums started to re-open after lockdown closures. O