Johann Nepomuk HUMMEL (1778-1837)


Quite the virtuoso, Austrian composer Johann Nepomuk bridged the gap between the Classical

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Frank BRIDGE (1879-1941)
Brighton-born Frank Bridge studied at the Royal College of Music under Charles Villiers Stanford among others. He was a concertising violist, and conductor, but ultimately decided to devote his musical life to composing. Underappreciated even today,
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Antoine REICHA (1770-1836)
Although it belongs to a set of 34 pieces gathered under the title of Etudes dans le genre fugué, this beautifully solemn F minor work is strictly speaking neither a study nor a fugue. Functioning rather as a prelude, it establishes a mood of grave a
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Georg Anton BENDA (1722-1795)
One of the lesser-known Bendas in a long and distinguished Czech musical family, Georg Anton was brother to its most renowned scion, František and proceeded to have five musical children of his own. In his own day he was best known for his work in ch