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Summer 2020

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Summer 2020 already!

What happened to April and May? We’ve all been living through unprecedented times this year and hopefully summer brings with it a new and more considerate kind

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ADAPTING TO THE NEW NORMAL With The Power Of Adaptogens
We all currently find ourselves trying to navigate a new normal. Down below is a list of adaptogens that will support your adaptation process and allow you to use your unique ‘new normal’ situation to your benefit. Now that most lockdown restrictions
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Mango And Berry Mousse A Decadent Mousse Made With Cashew Nuts
(Serves 2) Prep time: 2 hours chill time 6 hours soak time / 1 hour prep 40g raw macadamias20g desiccated coconut1 medjool date1/2 tbsp coconut oilpinch ground cinnamonpinch salt 20ml water2 heaped tsp agar flakes100ml full fat coconut cream75g raw c
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Thrive’s Experts On Health, Nutrition And Wellness
Halmia is an experiened chef and plant based nutritionist. Halima wrote our Brand Partner feature ‘Culinary Medicine and Plant-based Nutrition’on (pg 14-15). Victoria is a certified Nutritionist and has a BSc in Biochemistry w