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That’s top of our list of learning. Why? Because it is FUN. Building sandcastles is an early way of learning how construction works. Playing cards teaches us about maths, competition, reading people’s feelings and sharing. Hooray for play!


We often wonder how cave dwellers discovered what was good enough to eat raw and what required cooking before eating. They probably learnt by tasting (and testing!). Tasting food happens thanks

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Nat Like Is Fun
A strange thought came to our heads the other day, while watching a nature documentary about Antartica: is it the case that every creature under the sea has a brother or sister on land? We decided to investigate further and here’s what we found. They
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Making Is Fun
The Game Of The Goose is a board game that has been around for thousands of years. There have been lots of versions over the years and now you can make your own too! First, you will need to make the board. All Game Of The Goose boards have 63 spaces,
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Collecting Is Fun!
Yes! Little rocks and stones that we can pick up on a beach or in the streets make excellent things to collect. They are available from all places around the world, which makes it easy to grow your collection at very little cost or effort. No, all st