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here is little evidence that SD played an important role in Wartime production in the remaining photographic archives. What material survives, does show a number of

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Vintage Roadscene Archive2 min letti
Sd All At Sea? The ‘Wellfreighter’ Submarines
Where would the least likely place a Luftwaffe attack might destroy a secret Navy submarine? The answer must have seemed obvious - in a factory about as far away from the sea as it was possible to get in Great Britain! The ‘secret’ four-man submarine
Vintage Roadscene Archive2 min lettiAutomotive
What Does The ‘W’ In ‘W-type’ Stand For? “What Next?”
Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, we might observe that if the W-Type had been designed and produced in 1936, it would have been regarded as reasonably modern and up-to-date. Elegant even? Umm, perhaps not, but behind that restrained polish
Vintage Roadscene Archive3 min letti
Back To The Future? - The ‘Freighter’ As A Lorry And The Arrival Of The Spv Range.
In theory, the whole SPV project should have been a winner for SD. The reasons why ultimately it didn’t achieve the aim of replacing the forklift truck division, as intended, is a complex question to answer. There was certainly a lack of long-term pl