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Uniform Matter
“How Miuccia dresses is very often a kind of uniform one way or another, and that was direct inspiration for me for the show,” Raf Simons explained following the eagerly anticipated spring/summer ’21 co-creative debut of both Mrs Prada and Mr Simons.
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Meg Mason On Starting Over
BEFORE, I WOULD have said that the natural peaks and troughs in a working life are never that precise. More just a sense that you’re doing well at the moment, or vaguely, in a rut, the retrospective realisation that you found your flow around about t
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Watts In Bloom
Naomi Watts is talking about co-starring in her new movie with a magpie when she stops mid-sentence. “I just have to tell you something,” she says. Her tone is conspiratorial. I think she might be about to divulge a great secret but that’s not where