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Underglazes And Stains
Linda Bloomfield is a scientist turned potter. More glaze recipes can be found in her books, Advanced Pottery (2011), Colour in Glazes (A&C Black 2012), The Handbook of Glaze Recipes (Bloomsbury 2014) and Science for Potters (The American Ceramic Soc
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• Thrown simple plate • Handbuilt-plate formers • Bird wall plaque • Pinched dish trio • Foot rings Pt 1 • Spotlight on Botz • Thrown salt and pepper shakers • Hand-built birds salt & pepper set • Hanging bells • Foot rings • Throwing large • Adding
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Editor: Rachel Graham; Consultant editors: Jacqui Atkin, Kevin Millward Contributors: Jacqui Atkin, Alan Ault, Paul Bailey, Linda Bloomfield, Billy Byles, Doug Fitch, Jeni Jacques, Kevin Millward, Alan Parris, Tracey Parsons