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Keeping Fit
SKAT has benefited from an active maintenance program, the crew building long-term relationships with refit partners such as Other Angle and ACA in Marseilles along her cruising routes. “With SKAT spending a lot of time in Northern Europe and Scandin
Boat International US Edition1 min letti
Remote Working
The office deserves a special mention. With floor-to-ceiling windows on one side, whiteboards on the other and two desks, it offers as many as six uncluttered workstations. The setup, which also makes a fantastic classroom, was originally envisioned
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“I Got An Invoice For €15,000-worth Of Seafood That I Hadn’t Seen Or Tasted”
Like many owners, I give my crew a credit card for daily expenses. There’s a limit on it of €20,000, and one day I was surprised to receive a call from my bank, telling me it had put a block on the account as that limit had been exceeded. I immediate