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The SA Plastics Pact
The SA Plastics Pact is a collaborative initiative that brings together key stakeholders in the local plastics value chain. It aims to tackle plastic waste and pollution at the source – and to create a more resilient circular economy for plastic pack
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A Squash By Any Other Name…
Our sincere thanks to Johan Smit from Subtropico International in Klapmuts for supplying the baby-marrow flowers. To make sure all my flapjacks were perfectly round and the same size, I used rings similar to the ones restaurants use to poach eggs. Bu
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Snowdrops And Shelter
Newlands Forest, Cape Town We live in a small forest in Newlands, Cape Town. I cannot think of a better place to be locked down and out of work. Wherever I stand and whichever window I look out of, trees cover me or look back at me. Way back then, in