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There’s been a lot in the press about obesity, including Government advice for us to reduce our weight if necessary. While this has mainly been in the context ofwe believe that while it’s absolutely crucial to practise positive self-talk and to generate good vibes towards ourselves and others, at the same time we can recognise that being obese can and does put us at greater risk of illness, if not now then in the future. While we embrace having a positive attitude towards our bodies, whatever their shape or size, we also recognise that too much body fat, especially in the wrong places, is bad for our health and so we can lovingly look to improve our wellbeing. Wherever we are in our health journey, and at any and every age, we can express gratitude towards our bodies for the amazing things they do. And while sending loving, appreciative thoughts towards them we can also strive to improve the quality of what we eat, improve our exercise, practise good sleep hygiene and reduce stress, too much of which hinders weight loss. In this issue we look at while in our fitness section, celebrity trainer Jessie Pavelka talks about we also show how everyone can look good and feel confident while exercising in the latest . Here’s to a healthy September and I hope you enjoy the issue.

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YOUR healthy HEART
A smartphone app with a monitoring device was found to be five times more effective at diagnosing serious heart conditions, compared to standard tests. A study from The University of Edinburgh found that devices that can record an electrocardiogram (
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Top beauty
The new range of scents from AOURA LONDON (from £9.99, look gorgeous in these elegant jewel-toned bottles. The range features seven uplifting scents in eau de parfum and body mist, including: Pretty Woman, which is a mix of rose, vanilla,
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“Emotions, Stress And Sleep Play A Role In Your Weight”
The common narrative around weight loss is that if you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. While technically, at a scientific level, if you burn off more calories than you consume you’ll probably be losing weight, this is overly sim