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Nigella Lawson WHAT I KNOW NOW
For more than 20 years she’s been known as a domestic goddess, one who could make chopping kale or eating spaghetti seem intimate and even sexy. But these days Nigella Lawson, 61, is proudly shedding that glamorous persona. She rarely wears makeup an
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One Happy Chap
Affleck couldn’t wipe the smile off his face when he was sprung leaving Lopez’s Los Angeles home on June 2. “Ben says Jennifer has always been the one for him,” a source says of the actor. “And he’s happier than he’s been in a long time.” ■
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The Benefits Of Being UPSIDE DOWN
Do you remember doing handstands or hanging off monkey bars as a kid? Well, it turns out that being upside down is good for adults, too. Known as inversions, upside down poses feature in many classic yoga moves, and the best part is that anyone can d