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uring the 19th-century era of imperialism, the Roman empire was often seen as a model, particularly by the British. The Romans did not represent themselves as aggressors in.

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The Fight For Free School Meals
Free school meals are back in the news. In January, footballer and children’s welfare campaigner Marcus Rashford called for a full review of school meals provision, stating: “It seems like we have taken steps forward, but in my mind, we’ve got a mill
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Letter Of The Month
Malcolm Smith’s article A Hatful of Horrors (February), which highlighted the use of feathers from exotic birds for the millinery trade of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was heartbreaking. It happened just a few generations ago and many of u
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Rome Gloried In Cleopatra’s Tale Of Decadence, Lust And Death
It is the autumn of 34 BC and Cleopatra VII, queen of Egypt, is hosting a lavish celebration in her capital city, Alexandria. Seated on a golden throne, wearing flowing robes and an intricate crown decorated with a sun disk and cow horns, she is the