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Ancient Roman burgers

The hamburger is often thought of as a relatively recent innovation – a treat associated with summer barbecues, football terraces or a late-night visit to the Golden Arches.

However, historical evidence suggests that our

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This Month In History
This ancient limestone plaque, crafted in Mesopotamia in the third millennium BC, is set to be returned to Iraq after having been smuggled out of the country and offered for sale in Britain. Dating from around 2400 BC, the plaque originates from a Su
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Did You Know…?
A bürgermeister in 16th-century Austria died after tripping over his own beard and breaking his neck. Hans Staininger’s beard was approximately 2 metres long, and he usually kept it rolled up in a leather pouch. In 1567, a fire broke out at the town
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We cannot know for certain precisely how old tattooing is as a practice, though the paleoanthropological evidence suggests that it likely emerged around 45,000 years ago, when other symbolic creative behaviours became consistent in humans. The oldest