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ince March this year, I’ve been living for September. That’s when the schools open again. It’s when my kid can be taught by a professional who’s not wrestling with worksheets while batting back conference calls and making excuses for missed deadlines. She’ll be around people her own age, who challenge her in ways that have nothing she’s watched that day. September is when I can breathe again.

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BBC Science Focus Magazine2 min lettiBiology
‘Solar-powered Sea Slugs’ Can Detach Their Heads And Grow A Whole New Body In Weeks
It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a David Cronenberg film: a species of sacoglossan sea slug is able to live as a detached head for several weeks – long enough for the severed head to grow an entirely new body and a full set of internal o
BBC Science Focus Magazine1 min letti
Letter Of The Month
The February issue’s Explainer (p86) on memory pointed out how it’s all too easy to forget where you left things like your car keys if you don’t pay sufficient attention when you put them down. But there’s a way to solve this problem: decide on speci
BBC Science Focus Magazine2 min lettiPsychology
Cuttlefish Exercise Self-control, Demonstrating A Link Between Willpower And Intelligence
Cuttlefish not only possess three hearts and a 360° field of vision, but also a strong sense of self-control, according to a new study. As research from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts shows, when presented with the option of eating