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Tweak your eating plan with the following supplements for superior weight loss, says nutrition expert and bestselling author(Flatiron Books). His comprehensive weight loss plan also encourages exercising daily and eating plenty of beans, berries and fruit, greens and other vegetables, flaxseed, nuts and seeds, spices, whole grains, and drinks.

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What’s a good late-night bite for better sleep? Janis Chapman, Asheville, North Carolina First, here’s what not to do: Nosh on those leftover buffalo wings drenched in hot sauce right before bed. “Spicy and fried foods tax the digestive system and ma
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Flu Vaccine May Fight Dementia
Flu and pneumonia shots may protect more than your lungs: These common vaccines may help stave off Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Data from initial studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association conference in July indicate that getting regular flu shots
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Your Health
Cold, blustery weather can leave your skin itchy and irritated. Protect and restore your skin’s natural moisture with these tips from the American Academy of Dermatology. Baby your lips. If your balm doesn’t feel good or makes your lips tingle, try p