The design of a building and participation in the construction process to realize that vision are the universal tasks faced by all architects. However, in Korea, a Design-Supervision Separating System has long excluded architects from the stage of realisation. The separating system is based on the thought that to build is to manufacture and to control the quality is to simply follow the drawings, in the same way that industrial products are made. However, the realisation of building is only achieved over a long period on the construction site. On most construction sites in Korea, construction schedules are plotted out in the absence of ‘detailed construction drawings’. Construction drawings by an architect delineate a simple technical methodology often with additional design notes, and as such the detailed construction drawings must be added to by those responsible for construction in order to construct the buildings. However, in most cases, construction proceeds without detailed construction documents. In addition, many variables – such as weather, materials, manpower, equipment, and site conditions – are

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I Am An Architect
Kim Yeram (Kim): Thank you for inviting us to visit the site of your current project. Lee Dami (Lee): We are at a small villa in Sindang-dong, Seoul. An acquaintance requested that I renovate this house. The building is quite old, so there are a lot
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The Entrance Of The Exhibition
Yoon Wonhwa, a visual culture researcher, wrote a series of articles. Focus on the place where the exhibition is placed and talk about the exhibition. Exhibitions move places in the form of images and data and change their appearance in various ways.
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SPACE Peer Reviewer Pool
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