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Playing Games Honduras-style
Would you play the same games in Honduras that you do in the United States? You might. Children in Honduras enjoy many of the same games North Americans do. They go fishing and shoot baskets. They play sandlot baseball—called bate (BAHtay). They fly
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The Power 9
1 Regular, natural physical activity that comes from everyday tasks, not from going to the gym or special exercises like running. 2 Having a sense of purpose in life, a feeling of knowing why you are here. 3 Less stress. 4 Eating a moderate amount
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At A Glance
Area: 108,889 square kilometers Population: 17,153,288* Capital: Guatemala City Area: 22,970 square kilometers Population: 399,600* Capital: Belmopan Area: 20,720 square kilometers Population: 6.5 million* Capital: San Salvador Area: 112,