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All about KETO

The ketogenic “keto” diet has become one of the most popular diets known for its potential to accelerate weight loss, improve your energy levels and enhance mental focus.


Your body uses carbohydrates as it’s main energy source, so when you eat a very low carbohydrate diet, such as keto, it kicks itself into a state of ‘survival’ mode called ketosis, where your body burns fat and some protein for energy instead.

Your insulin levels decrease and large amounts of fatty acids are released from your body’s fat stores. These fatty acids are then

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Test Kitchen Cooking School
Melt the butter in a medium saucepan over low heat, so it keeps its colour and doesn’t brown. Sprinkle the flour over melted butter, then stir well with a wooden spoon until butter is incorporated and the mixture forms a smooth paste (this is called
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Thought to have evolved naturally in 17th-century Sicily, the blood orange has few seeds and blood-red-streaked rind and flesh. The pulp is salmon-coloured and juice has slight strawberry or raspberry overtones. Gorgeous! The juice of the blood orang
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Mix-a-mato® is a clever combo of the best seasonal tomatoes in one punnet, with a variety of tomatoes in yellow, orange, red and brown. These small, glasshouse-grown tomatoes range in flavour from super-sweet to deep and rich, and are just the thing