Empire Australasia




DIRECTOR Aaron Schneider

CAST Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan

PLOT 1942. US Naval commander Ernest Krause (Hanks) takes charge of his first assignment on board the USS Keeling — codename: Greyhound. His mission is to lead an international convoy of 37 Allied ships across the treacherous North Atlantic to Liverpool, all the while evading the “wolfpack” of German U-boats.

TOM HANKS HAS made a career out of playing ordinary, decent), Normandy (), Somalian waters () or Al’s Toy Barn (). This time round he is World War II US naval commander Ernest Krause, leading a 37-ship convoy of ships ferrying troops and supplies across an area in the Mid-Atlantic dubbed The Black Pit because it went beyond the range of air cover. Adapted from C.S. Forester’s novel with Hanks himself on screenwriting duties, sits firmly in the wheelhouse of his previous World War II missions as a producer, and , in its sincerity and respect for the subject matter, but between decent set-pieces and fascinating insights into naval tactics and minutiae, it lacks the characterisation or depths to make it truly memorable.

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