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ermented cabbage may not sound very appetising, but pair it with a few other veggies and spices and you have a delicious Korean staple. You can find kimchi on almost every table at

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The Potato Of The Tropics
Depending on who you ask and where you read, the madumbe is either indigenous to South Africa or was introduced in the 1500s and has become naturalised. (We tend to go with the latter theory.) Apparently it is one of the oldest food crops in the worl
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Grapefruit, Strawberry And Mint Granita
Making it is a different story all together. Luckily, ice cream’s healthier and simpler cousin, granita, is just as refreshing and delicious. Using fresh produce from your garden, this recipe screams ‘summer!’ without the extra hassle. 2 cups freshly
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The Curry Tree
Indian emigrants took their curry trees with them when they went to live in different countries, not only for culinary use, but for their medicinal properties too, as they are rich in antioxidants. Curry trees are a small bush or tree growing to arou