WellBeing Wild

Small batch, big love

Matt, how do you and Lentil live wild and meaningful lives?

We both believe we are here to be human. To love, to share, to hold and touch and taste and smell and hear and see. We are just as stuck in modern life as the next person, maintaining relationships and work over the internet and through mobile phones. But every day we are actively taking the time to be “in the physical world” and in touch with our physicality in general. To walk in the sun, eat natural foods, move our bodies, connect with each

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WellBeing Wild4 min lettiDesign
Sun-bleached Summers
What makes you feel the most wild and alive? I’ve always been lucky enough to travel a lot. I love being introduced to different cultures, new experiences and unfamiliar surroundings. I adore a new adventure and I’m an absolute sucker for a sunset or
WellBeing Wild6 min lettiDesign
The Faces Cleaning Up Our Oceans
We know the story: plastic waste is clogging our landfills, sullying our nature reserves and overwhelming the planet’s oceans. Discarded plastic is piling up in even the furthest-flung corners of the world, from the Himalayan mountains to the Maldive
WellBeing Wild8 min lettiPsychology
The Bad News Blues
If the first thing you do in the morning is check your phone or switch on the television, then you’ve no doubt been waking up to a barrage of cataclysmic news: bushfires tearing through drought-stricken land, half a billion animals incinerated, image