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Byron Yoga Centre

ith its idyllic location and affordable options, retreats and training programs at Byron Yoga Centre are popular. Beginner yogis can start with a

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Surrender To Simplicity
I still vividly remember a conversation I had with my best friend 10 years ago. We were on a six-month sabbatical from our corporate jobs and travelling through Southeast Asia. One night, while sitting on our bungalow balcony, she looked at me and as
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Ginger The Great
I once had a cat called Ginger. We inherited the name when we adopted him from the RSPCA, and I like to think it’s because a little Ginger went a long way, and he had more than a little bite to him, especially as he got older. Even though ginger root
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The Books Inspiring Us To Cultivate Balance, Ease And Calm
Skogluft (Forest Air) by Jorn Viumdal HarperCollins “We like being with plants because they give us something we need,” suggests Jorn Viumdal in Skogluft (Forest Air): The Norwegian Secret to Bringing the Right Plants Indoors to Improve Your Health a