YOU SAY WINTER, I say soup. Even on those gloriously warm days we often enjoy in July and August, my loyalty lies with warming bowls of goodness, brimming with powerful bitter greens, filling legumes and nourishing vegetables.

My recipe library for zuppa, Italian for soup, is rather large, a true testament to my devotion to this type of preparation. What I love most about these recipes is that they require no particular technique – just a bit of chopping (rough, in my case!), some generous seasoning and sourcing of seasonal produce. Think cavolo nero mingling with sausage and cannellini beans, tirelessly versatile cauliflower paired with the creaminess of parmesan and the fresh zest of lemon, or punchy bitter greens kissed by a hint of horseradish, to warm up body and soul.

Some of these recipes are gluten free as well, proving once more, a northern Italian sage-and-speck-flavoured dumpling famous for being addictive. And of course, baby pasta, such as risoni, expresses its ultimate purpose when tossed in a chicken soup, one of my ultimate comfort meals. Stay cosy, stay warm!

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Welcome Change
SERVES 4 Begin this recipe at least 6 hours ahead. 120g jumbo oats (or porridge oats)30g mixed nuts and seeds (almonds and pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, flax and chia seeds)Juice 1 large or 2 small oranges150ml kombucha or water A handful of rais
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The Chef And The Butcher
C: We’re going light and bright for this issue! Our clams will be full of flavour, and we’ll just serve them with a simple side of lettuce leaves. A: It’s the taste of the beach, it’s summer. C: It’s Australia in February on a plate. A: We can’t t