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Greek god of medicine saved Rome

n 293 BC, a severe epidemic swept through Rome. The citizens died in great

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Science Illustrated2 min lettiChemistry
Sweaty Solar Panels
TECHNOLOGY Engineers across the world are searching for ways to improve the efficiency of solar panels. As new materials and designs are tested, any efficiency improvement – even a few percent – is announced as a breakthrough. Most solar panels conve
Science Illustrated7 min lettiPhysics
Cosmic speedometer displays two results: WHY DO WE LIVE IN A TWO-SPEED UNIVERSE?
PLANCK TYPE: Space telescope OPERATION: 2009-2013 WAVELENGTH: From micro waves to the infrared spectrum MISSION: Measuring temperature differences of cosmic background radiation You are driving in a car between two cities, trying to measure your spee
Science Illustrated1 min letti
Ocean ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ Swallows Metal Nodules
The Patania II is controlled from a mining ship via a cable. The cable also carries the robot’s weight of 25 tonnes as it is lowered and raised to/from the ocean floor at a depth of 4.5km. The manganese nodules form on small shells or shark teeth, wh