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Neutrons travel between two mirrored universes


ccording to the theory, the Big Bang created everything, going on

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Science Illustrated8 min letti
Everybody Can Have A Good Hair Day!
THE FOLLICULAR CHALLENGE FOR SCIENCE One single delicate hair stands up, surrounded by an excited team of scientists. The small hair is not very impressive in itself – it can’t be used to treat disease or feed the world. But it is, nevertheless, a hu
Science Illustrated2 min letti
Text Yourself
1 Luna, Sol and Sirius together own a total of 84 books. Luna and Sirius together own twice as many books as Sol, while Sol and Sirius together own the same number of books as Luna. Who owns 28 books? 2 What number should replace the question mark? 3
Science Illustrated7 min lettiChemistry
Could CRISPR Kill Cancer Cells?
GENE TECHNOLOG Yes it could: indeed DNA editing using CRISPR-Cas9 ‘gene scissors’ is already used in cancer treatment. But the most promising editing is not aimed directly at cancer cells, instead employing immune therapy to improve the body’s own de