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Science Illustrated1 min lettiAstronomy & Space Sciences
Huge Telescope Network Focuses On Black Holes
1 Astronomers observe black holes using telescopes that capture radio waves. Unlike visible light, these waves can travel through the atmosphere to reach the surface. 2 Due to Earth’s rotation, each telescope can see a black hole for half of the day.
Science Illustrated2 min lettiBiology
Gene Therapy Could Return Sight To People Who Are Blind
MEDICINE Scientists from the UK’s University of Cambridge have demonstrated that it is possible to restore optic nerves which have been destroyed, causing blindness. In experiments with mice, the scientists have used gene therapy to activate the gene
Science Illustrated1 min letti
Three Discoveries Changed How Dinosaurs Look
1 Scientists used to think that bigger dinosaurs would not have had feathers, since large animals do not lose heat as easily as small ones. Then in 2012 a 9metrelong T. rex ancestor, Yutyrannos, which existed some 125 million years ago, was discovere