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Dead star distorts spacetime

Einstein’s relativity theory from 1915 forms the basis of our understanding of gravity, and its predictions have been confirmed many times in recent decades by astronomers’ observations of black holes and gravitational waves. Now a third prediction has been confirmed by scientists from

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New Reactor Paves The Way To Fusion Energy
ENERGY It has taken seven years of work and an investment of nearly A$100 million to complete the reconstruction of the MAST Upgrade test reactor, which hopes to pave the way for future fusion power plants. Located at the Culham Centre for Fusion Ene
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Volcanic Triple Threat
1 Vapour takes up about 1600 times more volume than the equivalent water. So intense pressure develops when red-hot magma encounters underground water. The result is likely to be a violent eruption. 2 The intense pressure forces out lava and gases wi
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Stone Age Women Hunted Big Game
ARCHAEOLOGY When scientists from the US University of California recently excavated a 9000-year-old grave in the Andes mountains of Peru, they were in for a major surprise. The grave included many well-made knives and spearheads made of flint, which