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Tech It Out
It’s a real music box AND spinning Ferris wheel! The 69-piece wood set is kind of half puzzle, half assembly kit. The wooden pieces are laser cut, making them easy to pop out of their moulds and fit snuggly together! In any case, there is sandpaper i
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Ask Me Anything
Q You guys are my biggest fans! Who has been on Team TG the longest? – TG reader Matilda That would have to be me! I started with Team TG way back in 2016. Can you believe it?! Rosie came along in 2018, then Sandra and Bek joined in 2019! - TG’s Aaro
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The Total Girl book club Part 2!
Grab a flashlight, crawl under the covers, and dive into the hilarious world of Rowley Jefferson's imagination! Yep, we have a special treat for you this month, TGs. Tell us what you think of the cool new book: Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Spo