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How Salt Can Make Us Overeat
Weight gain is a complex issue. But there’s little doubt that, in Western countries at least, highly processed salty, sugary, and fatty foods play a major role in promoting weight gain. Most of the salt we consume in everyday eating has been added t
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How To Halt The Salt
→ Spice up your meals. Use fresh herbs and spices rather than the salt shaker to boost a dish‘s flavour → Add lemon or lime juice to foods you think will benefit from their tang and flavour 5 teaspoons onion powder,2½ teaspoons garlic powder,2½ tea
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Health Checks Know Your Numbers
Understanding your test results helps you ask informed questions when you’re at the doctor. They’re the experts, of course, but it’s good to have a second pair of eyes — yours — so you can watch your numbers over time and make sure they don’t start t