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Compare the pear

Pears are rich in fibre for gut

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→ Hot flushes → Night sweats → Irregular periods → Trouble sleeping → Itchy/crawly/dry skin → Exhaustion → Vaginal dryness → Low sex drive → Migraines → More pronounced premenstrual tension → Mood changes, such as feeling teary and more irritable → W
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Other Things That May Help
To reduce the appearance of a prominent belly, try standing and sitting ‘tall’ to prevent yourself from slouching. Poor posture can make a belly look much bigger than it actually is. Hormonal changes can cause bloating, but some foods may exacerbate
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Ask The Expert… Jennie Brand-Miller
Q I think I’ve become lactose-intolerant. I’m in my 40s and never had any issues before, but lately I’ve been having problems when eating dairy. What’s going on? Anna, via email A It’s highly unlikely you’ve developed an allergy if you’ve had no iss