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Some good news for our sugar intake – 64 per cent of drinks in Australian fridges were sugar-sweetened in 1997, compared to just 41 per cent in 2018. How sweet it is – without sugar! Australian Beverages Council, 2020


Take the guesswork out of healthy portions with

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Healthy Food Guide1 min lettiMedical
Each Day’s Menu Gives You…
• About 6300kJ (about 1500cal) for gradual weight loss • Over 35g of fibre to keep you feeling full • 100 per cent of your daily vitamin C needs for immunity • 2 to 3 satisfying and portable snacks you can eat on the go For more about your individual
Healthy Food Guide1 min lettiDiet & Nutrition
Get More Of The 3 FIBRE TYPES
Most of us could benefit from including more fibre in our daily diet. Eating more fibre means getting a balance of the three different types: 1 Boost soluble fibre by including more oats, barley, psyllium husks, seeds and lentils in your daily meals
Healthy Food Guide1 min letti
Are You Working Out
Moderate-intensity exercise includes activities like brisk walking, uphill walking, swimming, cycling and dancing. The talk test (see below) will help you find out what level you’re exercising at. You can talk and sing while you exercise, without f