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Meet The Designer
Previously the Technical Editor at Sewing Quarter, Amanda Little now runs a long-arm quilting business from her studio in Staffordshire. Amanda has been dressmaking and quilting for more than 35 years and specialises in custom quilting. www.littlequ
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• Green solid for blocks, inner border, outer border and binding – 5⅝yds• Ivory solid for blocks and middle border – 3⅞yds• Backing fabric – 7½yds• Batting – 89in square• Templates – see Templates section• Template plastic • Quilt size – 80½in square
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ESSENTIAL GUIDE Mastering the Storm at Sea Block
Storm at Sea is an old block, with the pattern dating back to around 1897. It may also be referred to as Ocean Waves and Rolling Stone. Its enduring popularity is in large part due to its ability to create very different looks, depending on how the b