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Fresh Picks
Pre-order yourself a belated Christmas gift that’s sure to make quilting in 2021 that little bit more adventurous! Featuring 50 cards to deal from, create dynamic quilts with endless possibilities for a unique quilt! Each card features a fabulous qui
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It’s All In The Making
I’ve been catching up with quilters up and down the country, from our friends at Cowslip Workshops near Launceston in Cornwall to Jo Avery in her new Stitch Gathering School House in Scotland, and further afield to Lynette Anderson, who’s preparing f
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Piece By Piece
“This English paper-pieced cushion uses just three simple shapes – a diamond, a triangle and a square. I chose to hand-quilt it so that I could indulge in some meditative slow stitching, but it can also be machine-quilted of course.” ■