xpert in menopause, Graduated Body Vital & Spine Trainer, energetic, consultant for menopause retreats, accompanies women through

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MENOPAUSE7 min letti
First Aid For Menopause Symptoms
I have always lived healthy and I‘ve always been healthy, but now, during the menopause, everything is so confusing for me! I have not slept through the night for 2 years and I am tired and lacking energy during the day, I have gained a few pounds, u
MENOPAUSE5 min lettiPsychology
Homemade Or Self-made
We all have everything and nothing at the same time. We are often dissatisfied, complain, grumble and are not even aware of our fullness. The stress chases us through life and gives us almost no time to take a break and reflect. I would like to invit
MENOPAUSE6 min letti
Healthy Through Spring With Ayurveda
Spring breathes new life into nature. What was dry and withered in winter now begins to green and bloom. Wonderful scents and fresh colors lure us into nature. Plants are pollinated, animals mate, many people fall in love - everything in nature revol