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Who Do You Think You Are?4 min letti
Transcription TUESDAY
As we bid goodbye and good riddance to 2020, one of the things that was most challenging about the year was the need to find plenty of ways to keep busy at home, while normal life was suspended by the measures to control the spread of the coronavirus
Who Do You Think You Are?3 min letti
Pen & Sword, 176 pages, £14.99 Some of the marchers at the renowned Peterloo political demonstration on 16 August 1819 were wearing the long, straight empire-line dresses fashionable in the period. Such restrictive clothing hardly suggests that the
Who Do You Think You Are?4 min letti
A Girl’s Autograph Book, 1909
The Box, Plymouth’s £46.8 million archive, museum and art gallery space, opened its doors in September 2020. As well as displays celebrating the city’s history, the building is the new home of the former Plymouth and West Devon Record Office, now kno