Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom

Peter Gordon

What led you to this career? I have cooked ever since I can remember. I made my first cookbook aged four – my mum wishes she’d kept it! I was also one of only two boys at Whanganui High School who took cooking as a subject. My father was a structural engineer, so I was capable in welding and woodwork, but it was cooking that had me transfixed.

Growing up in

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“It Is Wonderful To Fill Our Living Spaces With Plants And To Take Inspiration From The Shades Of Green Of The Seasons”
Lush, verdant, vibrant and life-affirming, green is a constant in our lives. Intrinsically linked to the natural world, green can be energy-boosting, mood-enhancing and grounding. Green is the colour of new growth, of country gardens and meadow field
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The kitchen offers plenty of opportunity to try something a bit different when it comes to houseplants. While luscious green leaves look great in all rooms in the house, edible plants are the go-to choice to place on a sunny windowsill within easy re
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How To Make Your Own Hammock
Rope (hardware stores and ships’ chandlers offer a good choice), large metal rings, wall hooks suited to your type of wall Measure out a piece of rope 14ft (4.3m) long. Align that cut piece with your roll of rope and cut 11 more pieces of the same l