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Stone Foundation - Is Love Enough? - 100 records (Vinyl double album, CD, Cassette)

By the time Stone Foundation's sixth studio album is released in September, it will be two years since their previous full-length offering came out. That said, with a total of 17 tracks, on vinyl format it's a good old-fashioned double disc long player. Like both its predecessors, Street Rituals (2017) and Everybody, Anyone (2018), Is Love Enough? was recorded at Paul Weller's Black Barn studios . Stone Foundation have made something of a habit of inviting guests to collaborate on their records and Is Love Enough? continues that tradition, with Paul Weller (featuring on five tracks), actor Peter Capaldi, US soul singer Durand Jones and UK soul sensation Laville among the featured guest artists. Is Love Enough? with the theme of the album being the emotion, highs, lows and power of love in its many facets, along with five short tracks

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Scooter Spec
Name of scooter: Black Betty. Scooter model: Mk1 crossover PX125E E, has locking panells and 20mm forks. But it’s a Mk1. Inspiration for project: Stop the rot…and to stop the MoT inspector complaining about ut the the rust and holes... Time to bu
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Kozmik Kompound
Kenda is well known to cyclists, off-roaders and car drivers the world over and now, with its Kozmik range, Kenda has its eyes firmly on the hearts of scooterists. Available in a range of sizes to suit both 10in and 12in wheels, Kenda claims that the
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Name: Rod Sammons. First interest in scooters: 1981. First scooter: GP125 DL. Favourite scooter model: Vespa GL. Favourite style of custom scooter: Anything that means something to the owner. First ever rally: National rally IoW and local Oxford