Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom


“The large glossy leaves are valued for their air-purifying qualities”

Epipremnum aureum has large, glossy green leaves with irregular

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Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min letti
My ’70s childhood was filled with houseplants. An enormous Boston fern was much prized by my Mum, and even my dolls’ house had its own plastic Swiss cheese plant. I now find myself in a city-centre flat with no outside space to call my own, so housep
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min letti
For Your Kitchen
Plants such as herbs look great in a single planter as you can choose from so many different leaf shapes and textures. If you pot them up into the same soil, check that you choose plants with roughly the same water needs to make sure they all stay he
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min letti
For Your Bathroom
Once you’ve learned to look up and make the most of the green space opportunities above your head, give a little thought to how you can turn the practicalities into an extra feature. Hanging pots will need water, so hang extended cords over a ceiling