Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom


Simply buy a pack of living lettuce or grow your own from seed then transform the plant into a nourishing and vibrant work of edible art. Here’s how…

You will need

Wire wreath frame,

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Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom5 min letti
“It Is Wonderful To Fill Our Living Spaces With Plants And To Take Inspiration From The Shades Of Green Of The Seasons”
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Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min letti
Plant stylist Hilton is the author of Wild At Home: How To Style And Care For Beautiful Plants. Turn to page 52 where he shares his expertise on how to choose plants to suit your living space. Emma’s love of gardening under glass started when she wa
Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom1 min letti
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You could hardly fail to notice the popularity of making Christmas wreaths – last winter just about every florist and craft shop advertised these creative classes. But wreaths aren’t just for the festive season – they’re a novel way to bring more gre