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The magic of making terrariums

“I would wait for a day at work to finish so I could get home and take over my kitchen table making miniature gardens”

About five years ago, I began making terrariums. It started with a few friends hanging out at the weekend and making bottle gardens. It sounds funny now, thinking back, but throughout university, while living in London, houseplants played a leading role in birthday presents and moving gifts, the generous spider plant spreading its babies among our group of friends. Living in London we were all constantly moving house. Every year a new bedroom would need decorating and one of the main constants we all had were our houseplants. Making terrariums was just a development of this interest.

As soon as I had made a

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6 Jade Plant
The jade plant, commonly called the money plant, is a very popular succulent houseplant that’s been found on shelves for generations. (It’s not to be confused with the money tree, which is the common name for Pachira aquatica.) Once established as a
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“I Often Say Taking Care Of My Plants Is Like A Moving Meditation. It’s Relaxing, Calming, Interesting And Fulfilling All At Once”
Summer Rayne Oakes takes a love of houseplants to the next level. Currently the owner of more than a thousand plants in her Brooklyn apartment, she is also the host and producer of YouTube plant advice channel Plant One On Me. Her blog and Instagram
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8 Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum wallisii Lima is a mid-sized peace lily with lots of beautiful, glossy, dark green leaves and large white spathes that last for weeks. This plant filters out airborne toxins – including substances such as formaldehyde and benzene – so i