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ar companies do a good line in less is more. Take Porsche – from the 968 Club Sport to the latest GT2 RS, there is a trusted formula. Strip it down, power it up, then sell a car with fewer bits for more money. The watch equivalent is the skeleton. Remove the dial, shave a load of metal from the movement, and you have

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The nickname ‘Beemer’ dates back to the Thirties when Georg Meier became the first non-British rider to win the Senior race of the Isle of Man TT. But the correct way to informally address a four-wheeled BMW is ‘Bimmer’, we’re told. The name was prop
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Mazda Mx-30
HELLO £30,345/£32,045/£400 WHY IT’S HERE Does Mazda’s first EV have substance beyond gimmicky (but cool) doors? DRIVER Tom Harrison ON THE DAY I COLLECT TG’S NEW Mazda MX-30 the UK government drops the plug-in car grant discount to £2,500 on an EV co
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What’s BMW’s Fastest Car?
Will you allow us some poetic licence to claim that it’s the McLaren F1? A car famously powered by a BMW-made V12 engine, and one which – until Bugatti barged its way onto the scene – was the official holder of the ‘world’s fastest production car’ tr