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Stay In Touch!
Sadly, our local highland agricultural show at Lochaber was cancelled last year, and as a regular entrant in the craft and knitting contest, I still needed to keep my fingers busy. I found these cheerful characters by Alan Dart in issue 144 of Simply
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“You Knit Some Love, Thought And Emotion Into It, Over Time That Tells A Tale”
When you knit an item as a gift, every stitch holds a part of you. This is how Salina Jane, artist, printmaker and knitter from South Norwood, London, described her experience when she knitted a beautiful piece for a shawl swap group on Ravelry. “You
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Get Professional Results!
Place your knitted pieces RS up side by side. Thread your yarn on to a needle, anchor the end and weave along an edge to your start point. Working from back to front, push your needle up between the first and second stitches of the left piece’s edge,