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It is surprisingly difficult to work out the carbon footprint associated with our diets: it depends as much on where and how the food we buy was grown as what we actually eat. For instance, some beef comes from calves raised

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New Species Of Triassic Marine Reptile Discovered That Could Float In Water
Analysis of two skeletons has revealed a new species of nothosaur - a group of reptiles that lived in the water during the Triassic period. The 60cm-long skeletons were identified as nothosaurs due to their small heads, wide snouts, long necks and fl
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The British Roswell
In December 1980, US airmen stationed at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England were investigating reports of lights in Rendlesham Forest when they saw red and blue lights and a UFO land. It was described as around three metres high and three metres in d
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On The BBC This Month...
This year, three experts - geologist Chris; Jackson, physicist and oceanographer Helen Czerski, and environmental scientist Tara Shine - present their take on a ‘user’s guide to life on Earth’. BBC Four, check Radio Times for info Sue Perkins is join