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Human augmentation rewires the brain

What would you do with an extra thumb? Master that tricky guitar chord? Become a volleyball pro, perhaps, or an expert shadow puppeteer?

Scientists and engineers have long been interested in augmenting the human body with extra limbs or fingers. We’ve previously seen drummers with

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A History Of Phage Therapy
Félix d’Hérelle controversially declares he has found a bacteria- eating virus – a bacteriophage. Others claim an English scientist, Frederick Twort, observed the same phenomena two years earlier. Félix d’Hérelle (below) uses phages to treat children
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Beat The Burnout
PLUS Your step-by-step guide to seeing the wonders of the Solar System. Are the seasons hardwired into our biology? ON SALE 20 JAN SF ■
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Mind Games
Do you ever have days when you can’t seem to do anything right? Days when you’re fed up with yourself? Days when you berate yourself for things you’ve said or done with the sort of angry monologue that you wouldn’t subject a friend to? From time to t