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Edd Kimber was the first Great British Bake Off winner, is one of the UK’s best-loved bakers and the author of four baking books. Find his recipes on

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These choux pastry doughnuts are not something we see that much here in the UK, although they’ve become something of a trend in the US at places like Daily Provisions in NYC. While they have ‘French’ in the title, that seems to be nothing more than a nod to the use of choux pastry, as these doughnuts are much more Dutch and Germanic in origin. They are incredibly light, with a crisp crust and a

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These have a medium heat and, as they’re dried, add a deep, concentrated chilli flavour to dishes, as well as a mild spice. Made from green, unripe mangoes, this ground powder adds a vibrant, citrussy, sour flavour. A ubiquitous spice blend used on t
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In Senegal, fataya (deep-fried pastries) are sold as street food. When I was young we were given money by our parents to buy them to snack on. They are usually filled with fish or lamb and served with a sauce to dip. Maafe is a peanut-based stew, ma
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The Measure
Ice isn’t just for cooling down drinks. Shaking or stirring a cocktail with ice will dilute it, marry flavours and create a smoother end result. But it’s important to pick the right ice for your drink. Standard cubes are a reliable option for many co